4 Tips To Prepare For Mobile Windshield Replacement

Mobile auto glass services are a safe and convenient option for drivers who need to be back on the road as soon as possible. If you have never benefited from mobile windshield replacement before, there are a few things you should know to help the process go as smoothly as possible. Here are four tips to prepare for windshield replacement.

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

In almost every case, you should speak to your insurance provider first and foremost after damage to your vehicle. Windshield damage is no exception. Your insurance will often cover windshield replacement if you have comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. Another plus is that most insurers will not raise your rates after a windshield claim.

While you will likely need to pay the deductible amount out-of-pocket for your replacement, comprehensive coverage gives you access to premium repairs at no additional cost. For example, many drivers choose OEM windshields from the vehicle manufacturer rather than an aftermarket windshield that may be of lower quality with comprehensive coverage.

2. Find a Reputable Mobile Auto Glass Shop

As in any industry, the quality of your mobile windshield replacement can vary depending on who provides the service. Even a small mistake while aligning and installing your windshield can cause water seepage, distortions in the glass, and other problems down the road.

Mobile auto glass shops that are committed to the highest standard of service will make every consideration for your safety and convenience. Naturally, you must find a shop that accepts your insurance if you choose to file a claim.

Your shop should send you photos and information about your technicians and schedule an appointment for service so that you know who to expect and when to expect them. Windshield replacement is a two-person job, so your auto glass shop should send two technicians.

3. Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Accessible

As your mobile windshield replacement appointment draws near, take a few steps to ensure that your technicians will have easy access to your vehicle. Park in a safe area with space nearby for your technicians to park. If possible, move your vehicle to a garage or other indoor area so there is no risk of inclement weather interfering with the process.

A clean interior is just as important as the space around your vehicle for accessibility during windshield replacement. Tidy up the dash and floor of your car and remove any loose objects that could roll around during the installation.

4. Learn Replacement Windshield Aftercare

Your auto glass shop should give you specific instructions to care for your new windshield after the installation, but you should also be familiar with a few simple guidelines.

After your new windshield is installed, the adhesive will need to cure for a certain amount of time before you can drive again. Failing to wait long enough can prevent your windshield from adhering properly and increase the risk of ejection in an accident. Depending on the type of glass and the model of your vehicle, curing may take from 30 minutes to several hours.

Once you start driving again, there are several easy ways you can reduce the stress on your new windshield for the next day or two until it cures completely. Leave a window cracked to reduce air pressure in your vehicle, and avoid shutting your doors too hard so that the windshield doesn't shift. Try not to drive in rain or snow and avoid high-pressure car washes.

With these tips, you will be ready to enjoy convenient mobile windshield replacement whenever you need it. If you have more questions or concerns about the process, get in touch with a local mobile auto glass shop today!

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